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AppKey: bstranslationscom
Compatibility: CS17.0 and later
Developed by Contentserv Business Solutions

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Localize your brand’s story in every market 

Streamline communication and the translation process of multilingual content from initiation to publication.

The BS GlobalLink TMS Connector is a powerful solution that initiates, automates, controls, tracks and completes all facets of the translation process for all your product content via the Contentserv user interface.


  • Streamline the translation process for all your product content to all sales channels

  • Get better translation results when translators receive rich product data

  • Optimize translation budgets for internal and external translation jobs

  • Gain full transparency on the status of all translations and responsible translators

  • Save time and money when translating basic content

  • Reduce overhead costs when automating content maintenance

Certified by GlobalLink

The BS GlobalLink TMS Connector is certified by GlobalLink. The certification states that the connector supports all use cases required for certified integrations and that the solution is architected as recommended by GlobalLink. To achieve this, the connector was implemented in close cooperation with GlobalLink.

We have done this certification to ensure that both we and GlobalLink are convinced that the connector enables you to make optimal use of the GlobalLink platform's features.


The unique combination of Contentserv and the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink gives you a seamless and comprehensive plug and play solution.

  • Manage both product and content translations directly within the Contentserv UI
  • Get a dashboard view of translation analytics and KPIs
  • Configure translation workflows for internal and external translation jobs
  • Track translations using audit trail
  • Review and approve content in an integrated environment using workflows
  • Ensure batch translations with time-based translation processes 
  • Provide contextual translations to translators
  • Use pre-translation functionality for basic content