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Connect to the TMS Across to support complex marketing and product needs for global markets

Across is one of the market-leading software platforms for corporate language resources and translation processes. It helps to localize product and company communication for international markets faster, easier and in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Together with Contentserv arises an extremely powerful central solution for highly automated, high quality and high speed translation management.

The Across Connector is a standard interface to the Translation Memory System Across.

Please note: Basis for this component is the licensing of the Translation Manager. Across must be licensed separately.

  • Throughout the entire process, the progress of each translation is transparent and accessible to all involved parties at all times.
  • The solution for efficient integrated translation management with central content enables you to quickly provide complex structured marketing and product information for global markets in different languages.
  • Distribute data from one source into different output channels such as shops, catalogs and websites - simultaneously and always up-to-date.
  • Profit from a unique connection:Supply all channels and media from one single source, in all languages across the world.Save time and money for translations many times over and integrate all involved parties seamlessly in your content and translation processes.
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts in product maintenance and translation.
  • Coordinate all translation jobs centrally - highly-automated, quickly, easily and without media discontinuity.
  • Gain full transparency on the status of all translations and the responsible translators.
  • Always use the right product-specific terminology and the 'corporate vocabulary' thanks to a terminology database
  • Benefit from an enormous increase in quality of your communication thanks to consistent and high-quality content.
  • New translation jobs are initiated via workflow action, at the same time the dataset will receive the workflow status 'in translation' in the target languages (i.e. English, Spanish).
  • The Translation Manager assigns the jobs and corresponding delivery dates to different translators.
  • It's also possible to assign translation jobs manually to the proper and available translators.
  • External translators can be directly connected to the system.
  • Translators in Across have access to already existing pre-translations.
  • Completed translations are reimported into Contentserv fully automated
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December 1, 2014
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