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Use AX Semantics Natural Language Generation to create marketing texts

AX Semantics is about generating natural language driven by a simple list of key-value pairs. This concept also known as NLG for Natural Language Generation

  • Accelerates creation of large amounts of marketing text for any number of SKUs in a short time
  • Drastically reduces the time required to this task in a traditional way

Text creation and integration:

  • Once the rule set is configured AXSemantics can create text based on the data provided
  • Integration with AXSemantics comes in 3 flavors–via Active Job,Workflow Action, DataQuality Action

Integration of AX Semantics

  • Active Job that sends product data to AXSemantics, retrieves a text in return and stores this text back to the product.
  • Workflow Action that updates a text attribute by the AX Semantics text
  • Data Quality Action that can be triggered by any Data Quality Condition and also updates a given text attribute by the text delivered by AX Semantics
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June 1, 2020
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Categories: AI/ML, Automation, Connector

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