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Easily connect your BigCommerce shops with Contentserv

BigCommerce is a lightweight yet powerful open SaaS e-commerce platform that combines a comprehensive stock management system with a versatile shop system while also facilitating multichannel sales. By usingBigCommerce, brands and retailers can get their products online in minutes, deliver fast e-commerce experiences and leverage omni channel commerce to reach new audiences worldwide. Contentserv’s BigCommerce connector enables a seamless, simple and secure integration between Contentserv andBigCommerce. With the BigCommerce connector, brands and retailers can reliably synchronize product data across all their BigCommerce shops, resulting in the delivery of accurate, consistent and rich content for an omni channel experience.

  • Configure sources easily and set actions, such as create, update, or delete
  • Leverage a Transformation Editor to quickly set up mandatory attributes
  • Create or delete categories and update them on each BigCommerce system
  • Export Products from Contentserv to BigCommerce with just a few clicks
  • Choose which products to import from Contentserv (by channel, status, update date, etc.)
  • Sync products, variants, attributes, categories and digital assets
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Deliver current and accurate product information
  • Promote consistent and engaging customer experiences
  • Minimize cart abandonment and returns
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