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Add the class icon selection dialog to visually pick icons together with 959 Google Material Design icons

Welcome to the first Cloud-Stream-Only deployment of a nice little feature, that was asked for by many users of Contentserv.

When defining PIM or DAM classes in Contentserv it is possible to assign icons along with a color definition as “Alternative Icons”. The tricky part here is, that you need to know the icon name, which is one out of multiple folders in the core or local project. Also, the syntax for the color definition leads sometimes to misunderstandings.

With the Class Icon Selector, there is finally a simple solution to that problem. Within the input field, there is the typical Contentserv selection icon, which opens a smart icon selection dialog including

  • Library selection
  • Search field
  • a Color Picker Dialog.

The color picker dialog allows to select the color from the main colors or enter them directly as Hex Code. After selecting an icon it is also displayed next to the icon name in the class editor. This makes it easier to control and understand the icons in use.

Additionally this stream adds the 960 Google Material Design icons to your project.

Designed and developed by:
January 1, 2021
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Categories: CloudStream

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