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DataHopper connects Xactuell & Cockpit

The Codeware DataHopper is a standard connector for Contentserv. It connects Contentserv directly to Codeware's standard dynamic database publishing software Xactuell for Adobe InDesign® and the browser-based collaboration software Cockpit.

With DataHopper, you have direct access to all product data and marketing and sales channels from Contentserv. You use your general merchandise category hierarchy or access your specific publication structure. You can also optimize your publishing process with the help of our database publishing solutions DataPublishing, TeamPublishing and RoboPublishing. This enables you to focus on creative design and high-quality results. 

Xactuell is the intuitive, dynamic database publishing standard software for Adobe InDesign® for manual, partially or fully automated production of all kinds of print publications. It shortens layout processes, creates more time for creativity, minimizes the error rate and increases output and efficiency. The software is available in three different editions with different levels of performance and automation. Xactuell is the main component of the three Codeware database publishing solutions: DataPublishing, TeamPublishing, RoboPublishing.

Cockpit is a browser-based publishing software for teams that supports the comprehensible correction workflow with Adobe InDesign® and the planning, management, control, and monitoring of the publishing process. Structured, organized processes simplify the otherwise chaotic everyday publishing routine in marketing, product management, sales and design. Cockpit guarantees the publishing team smooth operations - from conception to drafting and design to approval and final artwork and offers two editions. Cockpit is the main component of the Codeware collaboration solution TeamPublishing.

  • Direct connection from Contentserv to Xactuell and Cockpit
  • Use of all available DataHopper content with the components Xactuell and Cockpit
  • (Fully) automated print and media production with Adobe InDesign®
  • Shorter project times
  • Reduction of  error rate
  • Plug and Play
  • Live data connection
  • Data enrichment with additional information from other data sources
  • Support for all layout types –from simple data sheet to the extensive catalogue
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February 14, 2022
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