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Use authoring assistance directly while creating content in Contentserv

Congree for Contentserv is an interface which makes it possible to use authoring assistance directly while creating content in Contentserv. It is integrated as a plugin by Laudert.

Congree offers you easy-to-use, flexible authoring assistance that helps you to increase the quality of your content. At the same time, you can reduce the review and subsequent translation workload. Moreover, the employed technologies ensure compliance with linguistic rules and uniform terminology.

Besides a checking your text for spelling and grammar, the Congree plugin offers you a sophisticated style check. Here you can benefit from Congree’s linguistic intelligence and a variety of rules which can be configured according to your needs. When it comes to PIM, terminology is an essential factor – for handling product data as well as for comprehensible instructions or successful marketing campaigns.

You already use Contentserv in conjunction with a terminology system like SDL MultiTerm, Across crossTerm or Interverbum TermWeb? Then Congree can display terminology information directly in Contentserv, to make terminology research easy as can be.

How it works
  • To use Congree for Contentserv, check out the text module you want to optimize.
  • After the checkout, Congree is ready to go.
  • Now just click some text or write something, and Congree does its text analysis in real time. If you prefere batch checking your whole text instead of working in real time: just go ahead. Both work modes are supported.
  • In the panel you see on the screenshot above, all possible issues regarding spelling, grammar, style and terminology are listed. Congree gives you advice how to fix them and for some notifications, even provides proposals to be inserted your text with one click. After an issue is solved, its notification appears, so you can use the panel as some kind of to do list.
  • If you have a terminology system, information about the terms you use in your text is also displayed directly in Congree for Contentserv.
  • When you have optimized your text with Congree, simply check in your changes.
Designed and developed by:
Congree Language Technologies GmbH
November 13, 2020
License type:

Categories: Connectors, Add-on

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