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The GenericJSON Connector facilitates individual JSON exports

The Generic JSON Connector by SAWS creates JSON files out of Contentserv for imports into external systems.

Similar to the product and view data in the Product Information Management, the connector generates a copy of the data formatted as JSON file, which subsequently can be imported by external systems.

  • Export Data into an individual JSON String
  • Synchronize multilingualism
  • Adjustable restriction of exports for partial PIM sub-trees (e.g. only specified commodity groups) in single jobs
  • Transfer of product and category states according to Contentserv workflow status
  • Export images
  • Optional export to local files or upload into a remote system
  • Continuously monitored workflow processes and progress bar
  • Optional multiple parallel processes for performance enhancement
Designed and developed by:
SAWS GmbH & Co. KG
September 27, 2017
License type:

Categories: Connector, Export & Import

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