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Value range with the German Commodity Codes ("Zolltarifnummern") 2021

Value Range of the 2021 German Commodity Codes, also known as "Zolltarifnummern".

The list of valid commodity codes (Sova master file) edition 2021 is a list of all statistical commodity codes valid in the year of issue with detailed commodity description. It is particularly suitable for use in so-called DP-supported merchandise management systems.

For the determination of commodity numbers for concrete trade goods, the commodity index for foreign trade statistics is recommended.

Further information on the Sova master file can be found in the data set description included in the free download. This download also includes some additional files as well as other relevant change information that may assist you in reassigning invalid commodity numbers.

What is the purpose of the customs tariff number?
  • The customs tariff number is required to determine the import and export regulations for the goods in question. First and foremost, this number can be used to determine the import and, if applicable, existing export duties. However, the possible existence of an import or export ban or reservation can also be clarified on the basis of this number.
  • At the same time, the correct determination of the customs tariff number is also absolutely necessary for Intrastat declarations, for the determination of the excise duty rate or also within the framework of the goods origin and preference law.
  • The customs tariff numbers (commodity codes) or "The Harmonized System of Tariffs and Trade Codes" (the Harmonized System), as it is officially called, are valid in all member states of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
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January 20, 2021
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