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Augment the value of your product data through Contentserv integrations and connectors.

Deliver high-quality and current product information to plentymarkets

Supercharge the performance of plentymarkets e-commerce shop
plentymarkets is a cloud-based e-commerce ERP solution which combines a comprehensive stock management with a versatile shop system and effortless multichannel sales. With plentymarkets, brands and retailers can also automate their sales workflow both online and offline.

Contentserv's plentymarkets Connector was developed to enable a seamless integration with plentymarkets, allowing for the easy management of entire plentymarkets product catalogs from a single source. The connector enables brands to synchronize high-quality product information from Contentserv to plentymarkets, thus facilitating the delivery of consistent and engaging experiences to customers across all your plentymarkets shops.

  • Optimize your product information with current and accurate data
  • Facilitate consistent and engaging customer experiences
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Boost sales by minimizing cart abandonment and returns
  • Manage multiple plentymarkets shops from a single platform
  • Leverage one-click product import management from a single platform
  • Start quickly with a simple and easy plugin installation
  • Perform near real-time data sharing via API
  • Carry out data syncs with product imports initiated within plentymarkets
  • Configure seamlessly which products to import from Contentserv (by channel, status, update date, etc.)
  • Sync products and all variants, attributes, categories, images and image URLs
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March 1, 2021
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Categories: Connector, Export & Import, Commerce Solution, Marketplaces

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