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Productsup is the leading cloud-based solution for importing product data from multiple sources as well as distributing custom feeds to unlimited destinations - quickly and easily. No matter what industry you work in, if it involves ecommerce in one form or another, and you handle large amounts of product data, Productsup is your only solution. Productsup is an award-winning tool for shopping feed management. It is recognized for helping ecommerce players manage their product data quickly and easily. Using the platform you can replace manual tasks with automated processes, turn complex IT data into powerful marketing data and, ultimately, leverage the revenue potential of the leading shopping and marketing channels. Based on the Contentserv Data Flow ProductsUp can be connected as Import Source and as Export Target. This allows to combine the strength of the Contentserv PIM and DAM with the power of the ProductsUp connectivity.

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Save Time: Manage the product data from all your online stores from one centralized platform and eliminate the wait on IT or third parties
  • Improve Product Feed Quality
  • Export to unlimited shopping and marketing destinations: be seen on more channels
  • Effectively manage ROI
  • Exclude unprofitable products and channels from your exports and strategy
  • Leverage the full revenue potential of your shopping and marketing channels
  • Increase visibility, traffic, and ultimately sales
  • Understand your data in just one glance with clear columns and fields
  • Select from hundreds of available, channel-specific feed templates
  • Create customized feeds that meet individual channel requirements
  • Perform mass data edits with easy drag-and-drop rule-boxes
  • Merge, structure and standardize multiple source feeds into one clean master feed
  • Process your feed in seconds with advanced data handling technology
  • Set up automated imports, exports and ROI management
  • Perform channel-specific assessments with the platform's smart analysis feature
  • Preview data changes in real time and know what's going on with your data
  • Import external tracking data or use Productsup tracking to measure performance
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June 1, 2020
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