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Seamlessly publish product information to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Providing compelling product experiences for today’s digital consumers can be challenging. SalesforceCommerce Cloud, a cloud-based commerce platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers no matter the channel or device, allows brands to build seamless, intuitive and familiar shopping experiences quickly and easily. From shopping to fulfillment to customer service, Commerce Cloud delivers a 1-to-1shopping experience powered by predictive intelligence.

Contentserv’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector, developed by SAWS Software engineering, allows brands to feed rich, high-quality product content from Contentserv directly to their Commerce Cloud platform. This easy to configure connector is also designed to automatically sync product data withCommerce Cloud to ensure commerce shops have the correct and consistent product information –all the time.


Manage enterprise product content for global markets with minimal effort:

  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Enhance customer shopping experiences
  • Increase product page conversion rates
  • Minimize product returns

Manage enterprise product content for global markets with minimal effort:

  • Automated data synchronization between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Contentserv
  • Seamless synchronization of attributes and attribute sets, categories, category updates and digital assets
  • Easy and automatic exports to XML
  • Clear monitoring of workflow processes and progress
  • Painless configuration of subsequent tasks
  • Clear view of tasks as single jobs
  • Detailed error logging and job execution reports
Designed and developed by:
SAWS GmbH & Co. KG
April 27, 2017
License type:

Categories: Connector, Export & Import, Commerce Solution

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