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Translate with the SDL Language Cloud

About SDL and the Language CloudSDL is one of the global leaders and innovators in language and content management solutions and services. Many translators in the market are using today the SDL Trados Studio as a local desktop environment. With the SDL Language Cloud, the long-awaited cloud-based management platform became available, which connects the translators on one side with the content producers on the other side. Bringing together language services, translation management capabilities, neural machine translation, and SDL Trados Studio the SDL Language Cloud connects all parts of the translation process. Actually one of the first Contentserv TMS connectors available on the market many years ago was the SDL Trados connector, which simply exported a Contentserv TMS job into a proprietary XML file. By down- and uploading such a file and exchanging it for example via E-Mail with a translator, a manual interface could be organized. With the availability of the SDL Language Cloud now there is a better and fully automated way to close the loose process ends here.

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May 1, 2020
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Categories: AI/ML, Automation, Connector, Translation

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