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Augment the value of your product data through Contentserv integrations and connectors.

Easily transfer your product information to the multi-award winning e-commerce solution

Shopware is the ideal solution for ambitious e-Commerce projects. This is where consultancy, service and performance meet on one platform; powered by the visionary features that make Shopware one of the fastest growing solutions on the market. Today, close to 100.000 renowned brands trust in Shopware.

The Shopware Connector joins Contentserv with the multi-award winning eCommerce solution. It enables you to transfer centrally-stored product data from Contenserv into your Shopware system and thus fully-automated into all established e-shops.

  • Fully automated Data synchronization (simple products and variants)
  • Update accessory products (related, cross selling and upselling products)
  • Synchronize categories and their states
  • Synchronize products and their states
  • Synchronize attributes and attribute sets
  • Selected synchronization of products and attributes at any time  
  • Synchronize images for categories/attributes and products (MAM or other source)
  • Transfer view modes for categories (e.g.  show in menu)
  • Live Preview of synchronized products
  • Continuously monitored workflow processes and progress bar
  • Use of several parallel processes to increase performance
  • Simple configuration of subsequent tasks
  • Clear display of tasks as single jobs
Designed and developed by:
SAWS GmbH & Co. KG
April 27, 2017
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Categories: Connector, Export & Import, Commerce-Solution

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