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Augment the value of your product data through Contentserv integrations and connectors.

Transfer your product information fully automated into your TYPO3 system

The TYPO3 Universe offers highly flexible, scalable and customizable products for Web Content Management, providing the basis for websites, intranets and web & mobile applications worldwide - always with a focus on the current needs of businesses and public institutions.

The TYPO3 Connector by SAWS interlinks Contentserv to the sophisticated Content Management System TYPO3. It enables a fully automated transfer of centrally-stored product information in the PIM into your TYPO3 system. The connector transfers an exact image of the product information within Contentserv into TYPO3, fully supported by Contentserv workflows.

  • Transmit web pages, layouts, categories and products according to the Contentserv workflow status
  • Synchronize images (MAM or other sources)
  • Simply create layouts within a PIM view per drag & drop via the TYPO3 page editor
  • Continuously monitored processes and progress bar
  • Use of several parallel processes to increase performance
  • Easy mapping of PIM attributes to the requirements of the connected system
  • Clear display of tasks as single jobs
  • Selected synchronization of any attribute at any time
  • Simple configuration of subsequent tasks
  • Live preview of synchronized products
Designed and developed by:
SAWS GmbH & Co. KG
April 27, 2017
License type:

Categories: Connector, CMS, Export & Import

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