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Augment the value of your product data through Contentserv integrations and connectors.

Product data syndication and delivery to customers or platforms in any structure (XML, Excel, ..) and format classification (BMEcat, ETIM, ECLASS, …)

CatalogExpress becomes your company's data hub!

Our powerful catalog generation tool “CatalogExpress” becomes your partner for data standards, classifications, B2B processes and all the topics around the data communication to your customers e.g. retailers, wholesaler, B2B marketplaces. Use the clean and clear UI for your product data management and syndication!

CatalogExpress is your software solution if you:

  • create electronic catalogs / product data catalogs for customers, marketplaces or other platforms
  • need to gather data from different and multiple data sources (e.g. Contentserv, ERP system, Excel,  XML) at the same time
  • wish to distribute data repeatable at a scheduled time
  • prefer eMail, SFTP, APIs, … to distribute your data or
  • want to send out only quality approved catalog data.

With a deep focus on B2B communication, you can use already created format templates, for BMEcat 1.2,  BMEcat 2005, ETIM, DPB, FAB-DIS and many more. You are also on Amazon? No problem, these templates are also available.

Your target channel needs an individual file? No problem, you can build the Excel/xlsx, XML, JSON or csv  file easily on your own. And your Shopware Shop? It receives the data via our Shopware 6 Connector.

By accessing your individual data sources, you independently create the desired data for your data recipient. You manipulate and enrich your data using over 60 functions in  CatalogExpress. The assortment selection is done comfortably via Excel, if the assortment for the customer is not stored in  any other connected system.

The customer wants a special image format or an individual image resolution? Imagemagick supports you in the catalog creation process in CatalogExpress.

Speed is our passion! Therefore  you can also parallelize catalog distributions. Are you looking for a solution to let retailers, customers and other target groups create their own data files?  Integrate CatalogExpress headless into your own customer portal, shop, CMS or individual platform solution.

Use Cases:

  1. Generating BMEcat ETIM data for  wholesalers (e.g. Sonepar, Rexel, …)
  2. Generating data standards with  classification for different customers (XLSX, FABDIS, DPB, …)
  3. Fully automated delivery to  marketplaces (e. g. Amazon, conrad, mercateo/unite)
  4. Syncing data sources to your  Shopware Shop with the Shopware 6 Connector by nexoma
  5. Connecting your Website with your different  data sources
  6. Importing data into your data  systems (e.g. Contentserv, ERP, … )
  7. Data Onboarding of your supplier  data
  • nexoma is your software and Know how Partner for B2B processes
  • Fully automated connection of all source and target systems possible
  • Easy integration into your individual IT-system-landscape
  • Flexible data and distribution processes to integrate special requirements of your company or your customer
  • Graphical interface (UI) for the creation of mappings
  • Reduce your time-to-market
  • High performance to generate even high amounts of electronic catalogs
  • One solution for collecting the data of multiple and different data sources (PIM,ERP, Files)
  • One solution for generating every kind of data structure and data format (XLSX,JSON, XML, CSV BMEcat ETIM, DPB, …)
  • One solution for your data delivery processes via eMail, Webservice, SFTP-Server,REST-APIs, …
  • Using predefined templates for data standards and marketplaces
  • Scheduled processes, parallelized processes
  • Powerful graphical interface (UI) for creating your individual mappings
  • Different user roles for business users and data-expert users
  • Automated distribution of product data to your sales-channels
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May 23, 2022
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