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Easily organize products using Google Product Categories

Easily organize products using Google Product Categories.

The Google Merchant Center specifies standard product categories that make it easier to organize products in a way that is standardized and instantly understandable.

Google Product Categories CloudStreams provides the list of Google Product Categories pre-configured as per the taxonomy or hierarchy specified by Google Merchant Center.

Integrating Google Product Categories CloudStreams is easy and seamless. The CloudStream imports all Google Product Categories as per the structure and associated attributes and list of values. The system creates the taxonomy structure based on the Google Product Category hierarchy, and as you assign the category to your product, the system will show where the product belongs in the hierarchy and add the required attributes to the product.

The Google Product Categories CloudStreams are updated regularly. The newer versions of the category structure are made available soon after the release giving sufficient time for any updates before the effective date.

  • Efficiently organize products based on the Google Product categories
  • Easily maintain product data as per the attributes specified for the categories
  • Improve customer experience
  • Save time and resources
  • Pre-configured Google Product categories
  • Product attributes and associated possible values based on GPC Bricks
  • Maintenance and updates based on new versions and releases

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March 19, 2021
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