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Easily connect your OroCommerce B2B and B2C business with Contentserv

Easily connect your Orocommerce B2B and B2C Business with Contentserv
Contentserv's OroCommerce connector automatically syncs product information and digital assets between Contentserv and the OroCommerce platform. This provides a simple yet powerful solution for B2B and B2C sellers looking to provide their self-service e-commerce website, B2B marketplace, customer portal or wholesale portal with accurate, up-to-date and rich product content.

  • Supply current and accurate product information across all channels
  • Craft consistent and engaging buyer experiences
  • Maintain and sync with multiple sales channels such as B2B, B2C and B2B2C
  • Localize product experiences based on buyer location or platform
  • Simplified partner onboarding
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