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Connect your product content with professional translators all over the world

translate plus is part of the Publicis Groupe; they are a Top 7 language services provider by revenue globally and Top 3 in Northern Europe.

The Contentserv TMS Connector connects your product content to the translation management SaaS platform – with professional translators all over the world.

The Contentserv TMS module allows for collecting content, for example, from a PIM product and creates translation jobs from it. TMS plugins can then pick up the terms in those translation jobs and exchange them with external translation management solutions.

Note: This license requires the Contentserv Translation Manager.

  • The Contentserv TMS and the translate plus TMS Connector allow for building a sophisticated end-to-end translation pipeline
  • The translate plus TMS Connector connects the Contentserv TMS via a SOAP API with the translate plus platform: it can export any translation job from Contentserv to translate plus, and the actual translations are then performed on the translate plus platform.
  • Completed translations are imported back to Contentserv, and subsequent Workflow Actions can be triggered automatically.
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May 1, 2020
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Categories: Connector, Translation

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